Here's What the Experience Will Do For You

Provide you with much needed clarity regarding EXACTLY what to do in your business for maximum exposure, leverage, traffic, and revenue. The guess-work is completely taken out of the equation since you’ll get to look over my shoulder as I walk you through.


Give you a simple, PROVEN, step-by-step action plan to execute. This is highly customized to your goals, wants and needs. Everyone is different so there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. It’s important to do what you love and to also make great money doing it!


Show you how to be resourceful and save TREMENDOUS amounts of time so you can do more with family and friends. Time is the one thing you cannot get back so mastering activity management is critical. We’ll design your work around your dream lifestyle, as opposed to the other way around.


Teach you how to position yourself as the leader and center of influence in your marketplace. You’ll know how to build credibility fast, become a known celebrity and build a strong audience in any industry.


Show you step-by-step how to make a GREAT living (and a 5 to 6 figure / month passive income stream) doing what you love, taking advantage of what you’re passionate about. I’m a firm believer in creating a strong legacy that you can be proud of.


Teach you the best way to MAXIMIZE business profits and short-cut your way to exponential growth / success.

Here's How the Day Works

Qualification Requirements

  • You MUST already have some (or a lot of) business success. You know what it really takes to become successful… focused and strategic work. You know this is true from first-hand experience.

  • You’re an action-taker and ready / committed to think bigger.

  • You must NOT be thin-skinned or get defensive about candid feedback.

  • You must NOT have a “lottery ticket” or “get rich quick” mindset.

  • You must NOT be negative or the type of person that blames outside circumstances for your results or have trouble making decisions. Whiners, complainers, and those that make excuses need not apply.

  • You MUST be willing to have a memorable night on the town after our experience.